Orthopedics Care & Surgery Services

Orthopedic Services: 626-898-8564

If you’re having difficulties with a bone, muscle, tendon, nerve or joint, the experts at USC Arcadia Hospital are here to help – even in an emergency situation.

Our orthopedic specialists take an interdisciplinary team approach to care and offer dynamic surgical techniques and modern technologies when providing high-quality orthopedic services to our patients.

In addition to offering a broad variety of traditional orthopedic procedures, our skilled surgeons provide minimally-invasive techniques for the major joints in the body as well as for injuries to the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A minimally invasive procedure involves a small incision to repair the injury or damage and can lessen the pain experienced by a patient as well as shorter patient recovery times. Patients going through this type of procedure to the hip or knee are often able to walk the same day of their surgery.

Whether you are having a traditional or minimally invasive surgery, by beginning the rehabilitation process as soon as possible we find our patients recover more quickly and can get back to the life activities they enjoy much sooner.

Care for both inpatient and outpatient orthopedic procedures begins before the patient is admitted to the hospital. Pre-surgical education, care coordination, and rehabilitation planning are provided by our caring and knowledgeable staff. Our compassionate nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and dietary staff will support and educate you as you move through your recovery.

For specific questions regarding orthopedic care at USC Arcadia Hospital, please call 626-898-8564.